Does what it says on the tin

I’m using it to plant seeds, so far so good

Vera Longridge

Speedy delivery, perfect for if you are unable to get out currently

My plants are enjoying the miracle grow, excellent product and speedy delivery!

Helen Longridge

Big bag, what I needed

I really loved this! This is probably the best quality compost I’ve come across in years. Thank you

Jack Garstang

My plants are very happy

Used to re-pot my indoor plants and I`m very happy with the quality. Stays moist for 1+ week after watering and plants are clearly very happy.

Vinny Inglewhite

Excellent compost very rich

Bought several of these good price as I can`t get out, this is so much easier and delivered to our house, brilliant service thank you Fox`s!

Julie Longridge

Great value for money

I bought this with my delivery of sleepers for the raised beds I have made - I’m so pleased and it is ideal for my gardening needs. Also a good price.

Jack Grimsargh

Great low cost compost

Great product at a fairly decent price considering the amount in the bag. Overall the veg and flowers have done well for a 2nd year running now. This is a great product.

Shane Broughton


It is good compost that does what it is meant to do

Lorie Preston


I don`t usually take the effort to review but this soil is worth doing so. This soil has a high amount of humus, it is dark rich and moist enough to be alive but not wet.

Toby Preston

Impressed, easy service to use

This was 100% top quality soil with no adulteration of any kind. I`ll definitely be ordering more.

Kate Grimsargh

Good quality

Good quality perfect for plants

Wayne Longridge

Lovely colour

Bought this paint in Yorkshire Stone to revamp the legs of an old wood coffee table. The colour was lovely and the paint so easy to use that I’ve since painted a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a wooden standard lamp and I don’t think I’ll be stopping there!

Jill Chorley

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